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To all my FLIST :D

i've been working on some new stories that i really want to share with you guys but i'm worried that they wont get read.

What do you suggest i do?

I was thinking of getting new members and cross posting to other comms i guess but i'm not sure.

I'd rather have you guys come over here and read them.

I need help.



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One of 6 New Verse's I'm Working On...READ IT :D

Title: In The Park I Saw You

Author: Lissie

Summary: Have you ever wondered if you could make an instant connection with a total stranger? *LAME Summary, SORRY*

Disclaimer: Don’t own the boys but these are my words :D

Notes. I have this and about 6 other story verse that I wrote and that the wonderful 

incompletework2 helped me beta. I just felt like posting it. Let me know what you guys think of it.



REC IT if you likes it  :D I’ll give you a cookie ;D



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New Story...NEW STORY :D

Title: Non-Profit Love

Author: ilovesn (Lissie)

Summary: Jared tried to find meaning and finds something he never knew he needed.

Warnings: None at the moment

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just the words

I’d like to thank Sarah incompletework for the awesome beta job. She’s one of my favorite writers I’m in honored that she liked it as much as she did.



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I was thinking this would be a ONE SHOT, what do you guys think???
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Something I Stumbled Onto.........READ IT :D

I was looking thru my stories and i found this. i sometimes just write stuff that just lingers on my stories folder. i keep it for some reason or other and today i was writting more of my engagement fic YES, i'm writing more of it. sorry it's taking long but i think you'll like it

GOD, i need to finish it

Anywho, here you go.


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Tell me what ya think


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Chirstian Kane Is MINE :D COME AND SEE :D

I hope you guys enjoy it, i loved writting it :D

Title: Wicked Little High

Author: Lissie

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Wish I could own the boy but alas, I don’t

Pairing: Me/Chris Kane

Rating: R/NC-17 :D

Summary: All I want to do is go over there and brand him with my teeth on his neck and show them all whose man he is.

Notes: OK, I know I’m freaking crazy but this just popped into my head and I was like DAMN, I have to write it down :D so here it is. UNBETAED SO SHUT IT :D

Inspired by





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FIC, FIC, Come & Read My Fic - - - - Chapter 3 to Christmas Surprise :D

Title: Engagement Party (Part 3 of my Christmas Surprise story) I know my title sucks :D
Writer: Lissie ilovesn
Word Count: 3, 576
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Wish I could own the boys but alas, I don’t
Pairing: Jensen/Jared.
Minor Characters: Chris, Steve, Mike, & Tom
Summary: Jared grabs Jensen’s hands and holds this in place above his head as Jared proceeds to devour his mouth. The passionate kisses making Jen dizzy with desire. “Love You…Need You…”
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From Broken To Empty....

My eyes reveal the truth to the world
The pain
The emptiness
The constant battle to stay in control
The walls are up again
I don’t know how
It all changed
My life seemed to be headed in the path that I’d long searched for
Into happier places, love filled places
Now, it’s just cold.
The way is shut for me now
The pain, emptiness are by my side once again
Like friends that will always be by your side
No more fighting
Just give up the control
Leave the love behind in that happy world
That world that made me feel like part of this world
My heart was beating for you
It reached out for you
Where do you I go from here?
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Who Dosen't Love CANDY? :D

This is something that popped into my head and i thought i'd share it with you

Tell me what yout think

and for those WHO LOVE ME LOTS, Promote this fic and comm and i'll give you a COOKIE or SOMETHING *wink*

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